Common & Frequent Deed Violations

Common & Frequent Deed Violations
Please find below the most common and frequent violations that we have observed in our subdivision from January to July 2017. As you can see, most of these are self- correctable and will cost a little amount of money, if any at all on your part. Hence, I am imploring all of us to study this list and immediately correct those violations we know pertain to us and exist on our premises. When you do this, the curb appeal in the subdivision will improve and protect your property's value!
At the end of the year, we will report the progress that I know will be positive because all of us would have done what is required to remedy our respective violations.
Laurel Oaks! I am counting on all of us. Don't let me down! By the end of January, 2018, you will also notice other improvements that we will make to the subdivision that will make you proud to be a resident of the Mighty Laurel Oaks! God bless!
Godfrey Eta, President

  • Clean/Paint52
  • Ext. Maint. Mild74
  • Fence Picket51
  • Gutters13
  • Lawn Maint82
  • Trash Recycling Containers12
  • Vehicle Inop13