Rankin Road West MUD

Due to the recent extreme heat conditions, all area public water supply and distribution systems are under stress from heavy use and line breaks.   Often these conditions lead to discolored water within the distribution systems.

The Rankin Road West water distribution system is provided wholesale surface water from the Central Harris County Regional Water Authority (CHCRWA) which is part of an even larger regional water distribution system overseen by the City of Houston.

Both the CHCRWA and the City of Houston are working hard to address the discolored water issue at the source.  In the interim, the operator for Rankin Road West is diligently monitoring the situation and taking measures to mitigate the impact to Rankin Road West residents.  This includes additional line flushing and water quality testing.

The Board of Directors for Rankin Road West is in constant contact with the Rankin Road West operators and has been reassured by the operators that the water delivered by Rankin Road West meets all applicable state and federal water quality standards. For more information, or to report any water quality issues, please contact the District’s operator at (281) 895-8547.