2013 Homeowner & Resident Survey

2013 Homeowner & Resident Survey
Please take a few minutes to provide your comments and opinions as relates to Laurel Oaks and the HOA. We need your input in order to maintain or improve the quality of life in Laurel Oaks. We will summarize and discuss the survey results at our next annual meeting and explore how we can make our community and HOA better.

2013 Assessments

2013 Assessments
  • If paid on or before 1/31/13: $440.00
  • If paid on or after 2/1/13: $484.00
  • If paid on or after 3/1/13: $584.00
  • If paid on or after 4/1/13: $584.00 + Any legal fees incurred.
Download the payment plan agreement here to make 3 payments. Agreement must be filled out signed and mailed to HOA along with first payment by February 28th.

Laurel Oaks March 2012 Newsletter

Laurel Oaks March 2012 Newsletter
Our March 2012 newsletter is available here for download or online viewing. It Contains the 2011 financial statements. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Click Here to view or Download

New Policies and Amendments to Existing Policies - Jan 2012

New Policies and Amendments to Existing Policies - Jan 2012
The following new new policies and amendments to existing policies were adopted to bring the HOA into compliance with new laws enacted in 2012. (They are available for review in the governing documents section of our community website)
  1. Policy For The Inspection and Copying Of Association Records;
  2. Policy for Record Retention;
  3. Policy for Collection, Application of Payments, and establishing a mandatory Alternative Payment Schedule;
  4. Policy that regulates the installation and maintenance of solar panels, flag displays, religious displays, rain barrels and roofing materials;
  5. Policies For Community Meetings Elections and Voting

Laurel Oaks Home Wins Top Honors for Holiday Lights - Dec 2011

Laurel Oaks Home Wins Top Honors for Holiday Lights - Dec 2011
"The Ginger Bread House" A Laurel Oaks home, won the top spot in this year's Channel 11 (KHOU) Best Christmas Lights in Houston contest.Click picture to view the newscast. Video

Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services

Report Animal Related Complaints
According to Harris County Animal Regulations, all dogs and cats must be confined at all times without access to streets or sidewalks. Please call their office for the following complaints:
  • Animal bites
  • Dogs or cats that are roaming loose, not confined on a leash, or not confined to the owner's fenced yard
  • Roadside vendors selling live animals
  • Stray or abandoned animals that are confined on your property
HCPHES Veterinary Public Health (Animal Control) - (281) 999-3191
Dead Bird Reporting
Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services
Mosquito Control Division
3330 Old Spanish Trail, Bldg. D, Houston, Texas 77021
Phone: (713) 440-4800 Fax: ( 713) 440-4795

Click here to report dead or diseased/ill bird.
Neighborhood Nuisance Reporting
HCPHES investigates complaints that may violate the Texas Neighborhood Nuisance Abatement Act, a law intended to eliminate public nuisances in unincorporated areas of Texas.
  • Unsafe or dilapidated structure
  • Garbage & accumulating rubbish
  • Weeds over 36 inches in a neighborhood
  • Rodents/Insects
  • Junk
  • Abandoned pools
  • Waste water
Click here to report a neighborhood nuisance

Laurel Oaks HOA Committees

Laurel Oaks Committees

Financial Audit & Oversight Comittee (5 Members)
Review Association financials quarterly. Monitor adherence to financial controls. Quarterly audit report.

Standards & Compliance Committee (5 Members)
Help preserve the aesthetic appeal of our community by assisting in enforcing the deed restrictions and investigating alleged violations. Manage the yard of the month program.

Welcome & Social Events Committee (5 Members)
Plan and carry out social events, outing & parties. Manage the welcoming of new neighbor to Laurel Oaks.

Pool & Recreation Committee (5 Members)
Day to day operation of the pool and recreation areas. Perform periodic Safety reviews. General maintenance.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) (5 Members)
Review all new architectural change requests.

Communication Committee (5 Members)
Communication of upcoming events through newsletters and email. Compile articles and stories of interest for website and newsletter. Manage website and social networks.

Laurel Vale Development Committee (9 Members)
Collate ideas from homeowners and draw up a development plan for Laurel Vale property. Investigate financing options. Manage the development process.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Teams

Blue Zone (5 Members)
Garden Laurel Ln, Laurel Land Ln, Ocean Laurel Ln, Laurel Bend Ln, Wilde Laurel Ln, Misty Laurel Dr, Laurel Oaks Dr

Orange Zone (5 Members)
River Laurel Ln, Laurel Brook Ln, Laurel Rose Ln, Laurel Bough Ln, Wright Oaks Dr, Laurel Bay Dr & Laurel Oaks Dr

Yellow Zone (5 Members)
May Laurel Dr, Berry Laurel Dr, Laurel Branch Way & Laurel Forest Way

Green Zone (5 Members)
Laurel Birch Dr, Cape Laurel, Laurel River, Laurel Creek Dr, Laurel Arbor Dr, Laurel Mist Way, Laurel Vale Way & Laurel Bank Way

Purple Zone (5 Members)
Laurel Rustic Oaks, Laurel Falls Ln, Laurel Falls Ct, Laurel Haven Way, Laurel Meadow Way & Laurel Terrace Way
The strength of our Association lies in the effective volunteer efforts of its members in the day to day operations. We are very excited about our plans for 2013 and are counting on volunteer involvement to help us succeed.

Why Volunteer ?
Whether it's to make a difference in your community or to put your talents, experience, knowledge or other skills to use for a good cause, we encourage everyone join one of our committees. What better place to volunteer than right here where we live.

Volunteering is Easy
Most volunteer roles will take up an hour or less of your time each week. Committees meet just 4 times a year (once a quarter) or more often if the committee feels that it is necessary

Volunteering is Convenient
With much of the work and deliberations being carried online or over email you have great flexibility about when to chime in and contribute to ongoing conversations.

Volunteering is Fun
Volunteering will give you an opportunity to meet and get to know many neighbors. You will also get to share in great events such as our soon to be introduced volunteer social and volunteer training events

Volunteering is Rewarding
Even though board members and committee volunteers are not compensated monetarily, participating in making our community safer and more beautiful is reward enough.

Opportunity for Further Contribution & Growth
Being on a committee means being involved in and getting to see the operation of our community up close. The knowledge and experience gained here may lead to opportunities to contribute more to the association and possibly a decision to take on a role on the board.

Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Crime Watch Guidelines

What to do if you see illegal or suspicious activity.
  1. Get to a safe place away from any immediate danger or threat
  2. Call Precinct 4 dispatch
  3. Provide the dispatcher a detailed description of the suspicious activity, person or vehicle
  4. Allow Precinct 4 Constables (Police) to handle the situation
What NOT to do
  • DO NOT confront the suspect
  • DO NOT Place yourself or anyone else in danger
  • DO NOT be reluctant to call law enforcement.
  • NEVER try to take action based on your observation. Only trained law enforcement should take action based on your observations.
Laurel Oaks Homeowners' Association, Inc.